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On Percolating

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Okay, already, I’m giving in. I am blogging, but I feel like a criminal. Months ago I asked BigBlueHat to discontinue my blog service for sake of prudence, mainly financial. Not that BBH charges an arm and a leg for blog service, or anything like that, but simply because I am cheap, and when I start budgeting, I cut all sorts of extraneous expenses, and find the small ones add up fast and suddenly one can afford to buy gas again. So, BBH stopped billing me but graciously refused to remove my blog until they could “offer me something better.” I thought what they offered me was swell; that wasn’t my issue. But despite all attempts to exit the blogosphere, I am still orbiting. I knew my blog was accessible and even suspect that what BBH meant when they said they’d keep it up was, “Blog away! no problem!” I still feel bad using the site after withdrawing financial support. On the other hand, it is just sitting here, and every once in a while some otherwise nice person stumbles upon it and blows a gasket because it is so outdated, and promptly harrasses me with orders to blog :o) You know who you are.

Sooooo…updates. On my life. Hm. Hmmmm. Hm. Well, I spent Sunday afternoon running around York Beach, hiking cliffwalks, and dozing in the sun with Jeremy. He’s so much more accessible for day trips now that he is living just 30 minutes down the road instead of 18 hours. (more…)

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