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Quick prayer request, folks:

My older sister Liz and her husband, Bob, are expecting their first child and my first neice, Emily Grace, any day now. (more…)


Peace and Wretched Quiet

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The monkey is dead.

Or in a heavy coma, anyway. Thanks to you all for your well-wishes, thoughts and, yes, especially prayers for this weekend. (more…)


3 days left, 2 visitors, and a monkey in a pear tree

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Well, anxiety has found me and has taken up residence around the bulk of my internal organs. He’s sitting on my intestinal tract with his legs wrapped around the top of my stomach, holding on rather tenaciously with one small but powerful fist to the bridge between my lungs – you know, where air likes to go. I’m sure if he took bodily form he would look like a small, slippery, hairless monkey. Occasionally he gnaws on my aorta (the little booger) and laughs.

I attribute this unwanted internal visitor to the arrival of another guest of a not-so-small, slippery, or hairless sort:




Matching Set

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Since I seem to be behind the crowd these days on such things, this blog announcement is no doubt superfluous, but I can’t resist. Melita’s phlog renovations are complete. Now more than just Boston pictures, her site boasts an inspired new design and written posts that compliment what she captures on film and fill us in on what else is going on in her and Austin’s life together. I love this couple; they are funny, smart, real, generous, creative, godly, multi-talented and a host of other good things that they’d never claim to be because they are too humble :o) I’m so glad they are part of our Boston church family. Check ‘em out!

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