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Is Anyone Else Bothered by This?

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In posting the following, I am not trying to make any enemies. But something doesn’t sit well. In fact, it’s making me sick… (more…)

Public Phlogging

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Yet another addition to the sidebar: Melita Matzko’s Boston Photos.

We call it a phlog.

Melita takes fabulous photographs, and as you’ve already noticed, I’ve made good use of several of them (see sidebar pic, for one). She updates regularly–enjoy!


New Church Website

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I would like to direct your attention to the sidebar, where you will notice a new heading, “my church,” under which you find the link to our new church website. Austin Matzko deserves major kudos for taking so much time to design our new site, and so has earned the lofty title of “webmeister.” I’ve been waiting a long time to post this link, since our other site was somewhat outdated. I hope you guys enjoy visiting us, and do it often; we hope to post more news about what’s going on in Boston, along with photos, so that you all can get to know us better. If you’re looking for me in the photo on the homepage, I am the kind-of-blond in the middle, giggling with her eyes closed, serious and as photogenic as ever (ha). You’ll notice, however, that we have plenty of wonderful people capable of looking a camera in the eye who make up for my general deficiencies in this area. They are even more friendly and better-looking in real life! Visit us sometime!


Read It

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Several bloggers have highlighted this article by Dr. Kevin Bauder of Central Theological Seminary and encouraged you to read it. Now I am doing the same. It took me, afterall, at least three different encouragements to finally make the time to read it, and I’m so glad I did. As I read through it, I said, “I must quote this paragraph on the blog; no, wait, this one. No, this one here!” In the end, I would have to quote just about the whole article in order to highlight every sparkling gem of honesty and exhortation found therein. Certain paragraphs made me want to stand up and applaude, loudly, right here in the office. Dr. Bauder addresses with all tact, humility, honesty, and sobriety the reasons for the widespread disillusionment with fundamentalism as it actually stands today, and then anchors his posited basis for refocussing its center on the idea behind fundamentalism–and idea that in many circles and amongst many well-meaning but unfocussed people, has been lost. Read it. I think you’ll be surprised, encouraged and challenged.


Happy Biological-Cognitive-Emotional Arousal Day*

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In honor of this pinkest and fluffiest of all Hallmark holidays (gag), I’m posting a link to a sermon devoted to the idea of being “in love.” You’ll find it helpful. Click here if you’re interested. *I do, afterall, owe the title of this post to its author.

Now, a disclaimer: I don’t think there is anything wrong in being in love, per se. It can be painful. Agonizing, even! But as most of us know, that’s not always a bad thing. Especially when you’re in love with the right person (read: a person who loves Christ more than he loves you, and is therefore committed to loving you completely, and who is in love with you to top it all off). Now, that’s special. And, frankly, if marriage be on any of my far-off horizons, I can personally say that I serioulsy hope to be deeply in love–at least most of the time–with whomever the Lord puts in my life. Because that would be fun. I think.

But I do agree with the speaker when he says that a biblical marriage is not based on being in love, nor is the the first step of knowing whom to marry being in love. Feeling is far too fickle a thing on which to base such a mammoth committment!

Now, if you ARE in love today, I can’t help but being happy for you. In it’s proper place and boundaries, such feelings comprise one of God’s very special gifts to be enjoyed by His creation.

Happy Love Day!

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