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Christ, Culture, and Other Thoughts

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So, my church website now has a handy discussion forum. We’re using it for communication purposes for everything ranging from events planning and evaluation to what we’re talking about in our Friday Night Bible Study, which is specifically what I’d like to interest you in with this post. (more…)


“I Can Touch You.”

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In recent weeks I’ve experienced a dramatic shift in the tides of a certain spiritual battle within my flesh. Temptation to this one particular sin in my life comes in transient waves dependent upon various circumstances within and without myself, but the decision to dive headlong into an approaching crest is entirely my own and without excuse. So many times I’ve not even considered standing against the crush; or, when I do decide to stand, I overestimate my strength and lose my footing as the sandy ground is literally swept out from under my feet. The undertow is always stronger than the wave itself, and in an instant I’m engulfed and sucked out to open water. (more…)


Turkish Twist

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Well, a recent and somewhat blessed cool spell has allowed me to goof off at work again and do stuff like e-mail and post irrelevant thoughts on my blog. So I’m taking advantage.

Last night I had my first Turkish Culinary Adventure with Amy and Allie, two lovely ladies from the IBCB. The Culinary Adventure is something I hope will become a bit of a tradition amongst our little circle of hungry church children. I think the first unofficial Culinary Adventure occurred just about a year ago, when I took Allie and Melanie, another lovely IBCB lady, out to dinner in celebration of the end of another semester at Wellesley College. That evening we drove around a bit trying to decide what we were hungry for, got bored with the proliferation of steak houses, and settled rather happily and spontaneously on a little Indian restaurant that served our steaming rice and curries in little copper pots with serving spoons. The actual eating bowls and plates were left for us to fill for ourselves. There were delicious breads served with some kind of Indian salsa, for lack of a better word, and we all sampled each other’s entrees — which I think was the idea behind the little copper pots. (more…)


Re: Website

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A recent excerpt from my life, which has narrowed suddenly into a hot, humid tunnel crawling with carpenter ants, at the end of which glows with a dim, but promising light of the first week of August and Mere Point:



Blog Alert

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I’d be remiss in not introducing a new blog of an old friend. I met Katherine Cooper my freshman year of college down in Greenville through a mutual acquaintance. Even though we both lost contact with our mutual acquaintance, she and I became great friends! She is a literary connoisseur, an inspiring teacher, and a thought-provoking spiritual sister and friend. Get to know her here at Sola Cristus, or click on the link at my sidebar.

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