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Christ, Culture, and Other Thoughts

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So, my church website now has a handy discussion forum. We’re using it for communication purposes for everything ranging from events planning and evaluation to what we’re talking about in our Friday Night Bible Study, which is specifically what I’d like to interest you in with this post.

Our Friday Night group meets at the Matzkos’ apartment each week for food, fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and discussion. As far as our discussion is concerned, the flavor of choice is Christ and culture; the topic has taken various forms and been spurred along by a variety of mediums, from random newspaper articles on art exhibits, to lengthy feature articles on stem-cell research, to videos and broadcasts like Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live? series or the PBS special on Freud and Lewis.

Now we’re reading a book. Disclaimer: Richard Niebuhr’s Christ & Culture is not something we’re using as a guide to instruct our philosphy, but rather as a generator of discussion about the question of Christ and culture in general. Niebuhr presents five answers to the problem of how Christ and culture interact; we’re not sure which, if any, we agree with at this point, but we’re discussing and reading. Austin created the discussion forum on the blog to help us communicate and discuss our reading and related thoughts throughout the week in the hopes that our wheels would be oiled for discussion by Friday. It’s a new process for us, and getting off to a slow but steady start. I thought we might extend the invitation to some of you who ponder the same question: visit! Read! Comment! We’d love to hear what you think about the issue, whether or not you’ve read the book. New threads are welcome, and of course feel free to peruse our other topics (though there are currently not so many – or any – “general” discussions taking place yet). It’s easy and, obviously, free to register as a site member, which allows you to post and start new threads.

See you there!

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