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A recent excerpt from my life, which has narrowed suddenly into a hot, humid tunnel crawling with carpenter ants, at the end of which glows with a dim, but promising light of the first week of August and Mere Point:

From Austin, church Web Meister, in response to my recent quibbles about viewing the church website via my office computer:

Jen, If the website still looks funny in your browser, will you hit [alt]-[prt sc], which copies a picture of the current window, paste it in a program like Paint, and email it to me? It would also be helpful if you would tell me the version of the browser from Help > About.
I just want to make sure this problem isn’t happening to others. – Thanks, Austin

On 6/9/05, Jen Danielson wrote:

it still looks funny, but i can’t get the screen to copy with that command. i’m probably doing something wrong. i don’t have time to mess with it right now, but maybe in September sometime. it happened after we had a computer crash and we recovered the system; i noticed that certain things seem to be either too big for the screen; i’ve messed with the resolution and …DPI’s???…whatevers, and probably caused it myself. it was always fine before. – thanks, jen


September? Wow–it must be busy season. I guess it will be Boston Uncommoner for a while. ;-) If you want, I could look at your computer sometime. – Austin

I and my office computer have yet to think up a witty response. But It’s 6:38pm and I won’t be leaving these four walls for a while. The sad part is, I’m starting to turn down opportunities to escape. I wish I had a sleeping bag…

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