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Quick prayer request, folks:

My older sister Liz and her husband, Bob, are expecting their first child and my first neice, Emily Grace, any day now. If Liz doesn’t go into labor by Monday or Tuesday, they plan to induce her. The major complication at the moment is that she lives by her husband’s marine base way down near Beaufort, SC, where neither of them have any close friends or family to see them through their first delivery. My mom wants to be down there with Liz, and plans to travel down Monday at the latest. However, the contingency is that Liz could go into labor, like, as I am writing this, in which case both my mom and my dad will head out of town ASAP, leaving me with my brother and sister. No problem for me, but I know it’s a harrowing time for my parents and for Liz. Uncertainty is never fun. I’m sure we’d all appreciate your prayers through this next week as we wait to see what happens.

Praise the Lord that so far, despite Liz’s extreme pregnancy-related sickness, the baby is healthy. However, Liz did recently contract an infection that has been discovered to cause brith defects in babies who catch it during delivery. The doctors, of course, are aware of the problem and have put her on antibiotics and have other means of avoiding infecting the baby if the infection is still there if/when Liz goes into labor, but it’s still a cause of concern.

Despite the uncertainty and nerviness, we’re all excited about welcoming a new member to the family. We haven’t had a baby kicking around the family gatherings in years. I’ve always wanted to be a “fun aunt,” so hopefully this will give me opportunity. I’ll just need to plan a visit down south real soon to get started!

Thanks, all!

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