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Pre-ops and Prayers: Lisa’s Latest

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This morning I found a wonderful e-mail from Lisa Knies herself, right in my very own inbox! It’s been a while since I’ve heard from her personally, as she is apparently having some e-mail trouble. She’d hi-jacked a local library computer and was doing her best to catch up on e-mails without the aid of an address book. She’s been encouraged by the comments and posts here, as well as by all of the personal snail mail she’s been getting. She’s not competely in the clear yet, however; she’s back in the hospital today getting prepped for her second surgery. She sent this message along and asked that I post it:

My recovery went very well in Wisconsin. Shortly after arriving at my
parents’, I asked people to pray specifically that I would not have to
a doctor in Wisconsin, since my insurance did not cover out of state
clinics. The Lord answered prayer in that light. Thanks for your
once again.

I return to Detroit on Dec. 15th and the following day I have a pre-op
appointment. While I’m in the area, I hope to go to ICU to visit the
nurses there now that I’m past the first stages of recovery. Please
for specific opportunities to talk with the medical staff there. Also
the entire tumor can be removed, because otherwise it will continue to
grow and cause more pressure on the brain. I don’t know how long I will
in the hospital, but I hope that if I am doing well, that I can be out

God has been good to me so far and I look ahead to further blessings.

Merry Christmas!

– Lisa

So, keep praying!

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