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So, I got a comment on my blog this …weekend, I believe it was…from a Pastor Greg Linscott, now an administrator over at Mind you, it was only this weekend that I’d heard of, but the name “Linscott” rang a bell. I’ve seen his comments recently over on Pastor Bixby’s blog in conjunction with the fundamentalism discussions. Not that I go around memorizing the blog comments of perfect strangers, or anything, but you tend to get familiar… Anyway, Pastor Linscott not only made me aware of the sharperiron discussion boards, but let me know he sends his regards to my pastor here in Boston (he’d seen our new church website); turns out Pastor Bill was an old prof of Pastor Linscott back at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. Small world. In fact, Pastor Bill seems to know all sorts of people whose names have been popping up in the blogosphere lately. Such as…”Gunpowder” Bauder? Pastor Bill sat next to him in class back when HE was a student. “I knew he’d written that article before anyone told me it was his,” said Pastor Bill during a recent Friday night Bible study for which we’d chosen to discuss the rather ubiquitous-in-certain-circles “Fundamentalism Worth Saving” article. Don’t worry, folks, Pastor likes “Ol’ Gunpowder” a lot. It’s just interesting, that’s all. Especially the previously-unknown epithet ;o) Thanks for revealing that, Pastor. I’m sure Gunpowder thanks you, too. I hope someone from Central stumbles upon this blog… You never know…

I think the point of this entry was to direct your attention to the sharperiron discussions, though. I haven’t yet read through them all, and they are just that: discussions. An original post by one of various contributors, and then threads of pertinent discussion by many more probably-not-so-perfect strangers (meaning, I wonder how many of THEM ever shared a classroom with my unasuming pastor?).

Therein lies my disclaimer: I’m happy to endorse the site and particpate in discussion wherein I can comment with something that can masquerade as remote intelligence, though I do not claim to agree or disagree with any or all of the views and/or stances taken therein, either in comments or in original posts (unless they are mine; and even then…well…) How could I claim that, when I have not even read all of the articles themselves? But I’d encourage you to stake it out, and will put a nifty link on my sidebar to help you do it. (See “other links”.)


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