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Prayer Request aus Hamburg

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Dear friends:

I received the following e-mail from my good friend and the daughter of Fred and Ruth Fueller, missionaries to Hamburg, Germany. The tragedy of these events is overwhelming for me, just a distant acquaintance. I can’t imagine what Dennis and his mother are going through. Please join us in prayer for them.

I would appreciate it if you all could pray for a prayer request that came up in our church last week. A member of our church (Dennis M, some of you might know him – he’s from Russia) got a call early last week that his 16-year old brother had gone out to take a walk and he never returned. It was very devestating to the whole family, of course, especially to the father, who was not saved and the mother, who had gotten saved on May 1st. On Wednesday or Thursday, his father took his bike out to look for the brother, and was hit by a car. He was severely injured, and taken to the hospital right away. When Dennis found out, he imediately took the next flight to Russia, so he could talk to his father in the hospital. However, while he was in the air, his wife, Uljana, got a call that the father had died. Needless to say, this is a very hard trial to the whole family. Please pray for them, especially the mother, who has, as I have already mentioned, not even been saved for a month. The brother is still missing. They found out that he went to visit a church in a different town, but that was the last he was seen.

Thank you for praying. I will be sure to let you know if there is any new information, esp. about the brother.

In Christ,
Heidi Marie

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