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A Final Post

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The other night I asked my new husband what he imagined when he imagined our life together in the future.

He said, “I imagine…coming home.”

Jeremy was referring more to an idea of home that didn’t hinge as much on location as it did on the atmosphere of our unity. But, for those who are curious, our present home is not in Boston proper. I ceased to be a true Boston Commoner months ago–and by all accounts ceased to be anything close to a faithful blogger–and so bequeathed the domain name to a much more capable, faithful, true Bostonian who is in the process of revamping the site to who-knows-what. I am sure he will do an excellent job wth it, whatever it is it ends up being! He is no stranger to the blogosphere, and most of you have probably read his blog at one point or another; but I’ll leave him nameless for now.

However, as the new Mrs. Oliver I would certainly love to keep intouch with those of you who knew me as Ms. Danielson via other means. E-mail is a good choice: still works…

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