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Person or Plan?

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I found this note in the margin of my Bible yeterday as I was reading through the beginning of the book of Romans:

“The Gospel: the WORD Incarnate. We introduce a person, not a plan. We should talk about Him, not us or what we need to do. (Bixby*)”

And, no, this is NOT an endorsement of a “let go and let God” philosophy… (more…)

Moving In

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This is what happens when you lease a new apartment and start a blog in the same week: you have trouble moving into both of them, and hope no one sees either one! At least, not until you have a chance to clean them up and make them your own. That said, this blog is in far better shape than said new apartment, and if you insist on visiting one or the other, you’ve made a good choice by coming here. Nonetheless, I apologize for the general lack of content at the moment, and hope that by the next time you stumble onto my doorstep, I have a little more to offer you. Until then, enjoy what’s here!

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