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Lost and Found

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About an hour-and-half ago, I received a call from my mother. She said that my brother had never shown up for his after-school program, and that he was therefore ‘among the missing.’ Would I mind driving over to see if the bus had dropped him at home?

She was remarkably calm. I, on the other hand, came very close to having a mental breakdown. Yes, I was slightly hysterical. I admit it. But the Lord kept me together long enough to get me into my driveway, where my brother’s bus was waiting. He was fine. I checked. Twice.

Losing my brother is on my top-3 list of things that I truly believe would crack me. I hate to admit that, because sometimes I feel like saying we can’t handle something is inviting some kind of proofing-time to come to instruct us that we can handle anything, in the Lord. And then I feel guilty for thinking that the Lord works that way. I don’t mind being shown that I can handle anything in Christ, I suppose (easy enough to say, though I don’t wish for such proof); yet, the thing I find troubling is that someone like my brother might suffer in order to teach me a lesson. (more…)

By the Way…

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By the way, thank you Joy, from whose blog I ripped off the idea and the link for a handy clock on my sidebar. I had to have one, especially when I saw they had one that fit my color scheme :o) Check out her blog—it’s full of great writing, interesting photos, and intellectually and spiritually-stimulating discussions!

Oh, Red Sox, My Red Sox

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Johnny Damon put it this way, as quoted in this morning’s Boston Herald: “We get to live another day.”

He’s referring to Boston’s 12th-inning 2-run win over the New York Yankees last night at Fenway Park. Our boys were home, struggling to head off an imminent 4-game sweep by the Yanks, a disappointing turnaround to the Sox’s own sweep against the Anaheim Angels that started off their post-season.

If the Sox are staying alive, they can thank their human respirator, hard-hitting David Ortiz, who clinched the the longest game in ALCS history* with a two-run homer at about 1:22 am this morning. It’s not the first time Ortiz has knocked one home to save the Sox, and he smashed this one right into the Yankee bullpen. (more…)

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