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I apologize for the wacked-out heading/banner/color scheme/thing. I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s like trying to remove my own thymus gland without knowing what or where a thymus gland is (or what the results of removing it will be). But it’s kind of fun. Trial and error. And at least it’s my own thymus gland, and not somebody else’s, because that would be scarier. All I really wanna do is make my blog look nearly as cool as Kammer’s or Gwen’s (or any number of blogs on bensfriends); they’ve got the thymus removal down pat…

Red Sox Resurrection

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Marathon nail-biters stretching over extra innings into the morning hours; records broken, and broken again; foul plays, reversed calls, bloody pitchers; and, of course, uniformed crowd-control. It’s been one heck of a series.

The Sox managed to finish last night’s game in the alotted 9 innings, for a change, but there was no relaxing of the giant band of tension that’s been stretching from Fenway to Yankee Stadium over the past week. Tonight it’s gotta snap, but in which direction, nobody knows. (more…)


We’re Half-Way There…

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Them crazy boys gone done it agin.’

It may not be the best baseball ever played, technically speaking, but it sure makes good drama.


Lost and Found

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About an hour-and-half ago, I received a call from my mother. She said that my brother had never shown up for his after-school program, and that he was therefore ‘among the missing.’ Would I mind driving over to see if the bus had dropped him at home?

She was remarkably calm. I, on the other hand, came very close to having a mental breakdown. Yes, I was slightly hysterical. I admit it. But the Lord kept me together long enough to get me into my driveway, where my brother’s bus was waiting. He was fine. I checked. Twice.

Losing my brother is on my top-3 list of things that I truly believe would crack me. I hate to admit that, because sometimes I feel like saying we can’t handle something is inviting some kind of proofing-time to come to instruct us that we can handle anything, in the Lord. And then I feel guilty for thinking that the Lord works that way. I don’t mind being shown that I can handle anything in Christ, I suppose (easy enough to say, though I don’t wish for such proof); yet, the thing I find troubling is that someone like my brother might suffer in order to teach me a lesson. (more…)

By the Way…

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By the way, thank you Joy, from whose blog I ripped off the idea and the link for a handy clock on my sidebar. I had to have one, especially when I saw they had one that fit my color scheme :o) Check out her blog—it’s full of great writing, interesting photos, and intellectually and spiritually-stimulating discussions!

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