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Update on Lisa Knies: Updated 11/4/04

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Many thanks to all of you who’ve been praying for Lisa. As to her current post-op status, many have asked and there seems to be some confusion. I myself am not sure what is going on, but I hear there’s a recent letter on Lisa’s condition floating out around there somewhere (apparently several of you ahve gotten it, or wanted it, but there’s been some trouble in it’s circulation). The most up-to-date info I, personally, have is contained in the following coment as posted yesterday by a fellow prayer partner and friend of Lisa’s:

Continue to pray. Lisa was moved back to ICU today (11-2-04). Her sodium levels are too low. They have done another CT scan, but results aren’t in yet.

-Comment by Kelley R

Here is some older info from Lisa’s mom concerning the initial diagnosis, operation, and problems they encountered after the first few days:

Monday surgery took 8 hours and total we were at the hospital for 16. When the surgeon came to talk to us he said she was talking in the recovery room. He said he felt he got most of the tumor and said what it looked like was a childhood tumor which tend to be non-cancerous, but they get tested anyway. We saw her later that evening and she talked with us a bit later that night they took her for an MRI. Tuesday she was still kind of out of it and her jaws were very sore and she had a nice black eye on her left eye. Her incision is about 10 inches and runs around the right side of her head. They did not shave the whole right side so she will be able to cover it with her hair. Wednesday they took out some of the tubes and let her have some real food. She rested a lot which is the best for her right now. Thursday we came in and saw quite a few people in her room. The nurse met us in the hallway to tell us that Lisa had a seizure and that she is sedated. She was having a good morning, ate breakfast and lunch. They got her to sit on the side of her bed and in a chair. But later while she was in the chair she felt sick and called the nurse and went into a seizure. They will up her anti seizure meds and they basically gave her meds to keep her quiet for the day. In the evening she was awake more and told the nurse that her mind is double minded and not clear in thinking and that in the bible it says a “double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Today I called in the morning and they said that she was dizzy and her heart rate was up. The pituitary gland is not settling in right now and causing some difficulties. So just pray for this most important part of her body to adjust so that she is not so dizzy and that she will be seizure free. It was quiet an unsettling day for us yesterday. When she was asked yesterday periodically what day, date, year, where she was she answered every correctly so she got a A+++++ on that test!! We so appreciate your continued emails to her, trust me she does ask us each day if she got any emails.

-from an e-mail from Cindy Knies (Thank you, Mels and Joy!)

Mrs. Knies also gave Lisa’s mailing address for those who would like to send cards. Since I haven’t gotten her permission, I won’t post it here. But, if you would like it, feel free to e-mail me at, and I will send it to you.

Let’s keep praying!

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