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Update #2 on Lisa Knies

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Well, Lisa is out of the hospital, as many of you already know. It sounds as though she’s doing very well, but will need another, smaller surgery at some point in the future to remove a small remnant from the tumor. For those of you who did not receive her e-mail on the subject, I’ve included it below.

Dear family and friends,

God is so good! I am out of the hospital, as of last Thursday evening.
I’m staying with a friend and her family now and they have been a
tremendous help to me. I’m still a little wobbly walking around and
very tired, but all is so much better than before. It’s amazing to
hear of all the prayer support and I was very encouraged by all the
emails, phone calls, visitors, and cards. Your prayers were felt
tremendously and even the medical staff was amazed with my recovery
considering where I was at. I did experience some problems after
surgery and had to be readmitted to ICU, but the doctors were able to
find a balanced dose of medication. I found out after being discharged
that my sodium levels made a record low, according to my surgeon’s
assistance. But the Lord protected me in spite of that.

This whole experience was incredible and I treasure the opportunities
I had to talk to the medical staff, specifically my nurses in ICU.
Even my last day in the hospital I was able to have a lengthy
discussion with a former nurse when he noticed my Cambridge Bible box
on my bed. He related with me his experiences with the Bible along
with the information he was getting in a philosophy class he was
taking. I was grateful that I had just taken a philosophy class for
college last spring so I could understand what he was talking about.

I just found out from my surgeon last week though that I may have to
have another surgery to get out the remaining 5% of the tumor my
surgeon had to leave in there. On Tuesday I will get more information
regarding that. Please pray that the timing for a second surgery will
be good. The good news is though that it probably won’t be as
extensive as the first surgery.

Some of you have also asked about my mom. She is back in Wisconsin and
will have an appointment soon with a doctor there. We’ll know more

Once again, thank you for all your support. It has been wonderful for

~Lisa Knies

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