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Last year at this time, I was just returning to Hamburg, Germany, after spending 3 months in Salzburg, Austria. I was lamenting the fact that I’d somehow managed to corrupt my digital camera’s memory card and lose almost all of the videos and photos I’d captured of the beautiful Salzburg ‘Altstadt’ (the old part of the city). I had nothing to show my friends and family, save a few touristy postcards I’d managed to buy at the train station before leaving. Justslightly disappointing…

Weeks after my return to the States last October, I decided to fiddle with that memory card with the aid of my computer to see if anything could be salvaged. Several attempts proved futile, but I tried one last time. I opened the card file and clicked randomly on a series of folders, all bearing tech-y labels I didn’t understand. I was sure that whatever had happened to the card, I was only making it worse. And then, suddenly,a series of thumbnails appeared. Thumbnails of Salzburg photos! Photos I’d spent hours in the chilly rain trying to capture! They weren’t all there, but my favorite—my absolute, all-time, I-can’t-believe-I-had-anything-to-do-with-that favorite—photo was finally within my grasp.

I thought I’d share. It evokes a certain mood, doesn’t it?
my favorite Salzburg pic

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