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An Occasion for Baskets

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So, have you ever had one of those days? As in, a Friday before a long weekend, after a harried week of trying to hold the office together while your boss is away, while simultaneously trying to move into a new apartment in the city and start a new blog?

I know, I know…cry me a river, and what-not. But I promise, I’m not complaining! The week has been full of blessings. Like, waking up in the city, with the sunrise–in a place of one’s own–and contributing to the 7am pulse of the urban morning commute; like the first frost on pumkins, and mugs of tea, and crisp, magenta leaves; like finding out that CSS is not SO scarey, after all; like having visitors peek at my blog. I love it when you visit my blog :o)

So how can I complain?

Still, it is a Friday before a long weekend, after a long week. And in just 4 minutes, I’ll be free! Free! Free to buy paint and area rugs and silverware for my new place! Free to go to Friday night Bible study and expand my mind and spirit! Free to put a basket on my head and do a jolly jig! Like these two!

Chiara Z
Luisa Z

That’s how Chiara and Luisa, my two German charges from my days as an Au Pair in DE, celebrate time off.
So, how do you unwind?

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