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What Mystical Creature Are You?

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Everyone loves a frivilous online quiz. According to this one, I’m like an angel. That said, I probably don’t need to point out the obvious the lack of biblical or even practical accuracy of this particular one, but maybe some of you might be interested to find out your supposed kinship fairies, dragons, or mermaids…

My rather far-fetched results:

ex angel
You’re like an angel. As everyone knows, angels dwell in heaven. They were desribed as shining ones wearing white and the idea that they have wings is believed as well. Guardian angels are the ones that many people think are dead loved ones who try to protect the living friends or family they have on Earth. They usually had blonde hair and maybe brown with flawless appearance and sweet dispositions. They were cheerful, hopefull, selfless, loving, and kind [truncated].

What Mystical Creature Are You? (Pictures)
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