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Love That Dirty Water…

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Sox in the Pru; photo courtesy of Melita Matzko

The Yankees have Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” to play when they win a home game. Boston has a song about dirty water. Somehow it’s fitting; somehow, we wouldn’t–couldn’t–have it any other way.

They did it. They DID IT!

It was a great commute today. I imagine everyone was just a little nicer, a little less pushy on the crowded city streets; people looked you in the eye and nodded ‘good morning’ to you on the sidewalk; even the sun seemed to shine a little brighter this morning, pushing out the recent gloom and streaming over the green side of Fenway Park–and the Sox’ logo–facing the turnpike.

This doesn’t happen everyday. Not in Boston, and not even in the history of baseball. To come back after a 3-game losing streak in the American League Championship Series, not just to WIN that series, but to go on and SWEEP the World Series and OWN the team with the best overall-wins record in the regular season that year? AND, for that winning team to be the Red Sox, who haven’t won a World Series since 1918? When people say they’ve been waiting their whole lives for this, most of them actually mean it. I don’t even know what to say about it, accept that, as one radio announcer pointed out, it’s indeed a “great day to be alive and to live in the city of Boston.”

I know, it’s just a game. And there are more important things. But these are simple joys we can be thankful for… So, Yankees? Cardinals? Deepest thanks from the heart of Boston!

‘Cause I “love that dirty water… Boston, you’re my home.”

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